A, B and C Enter into a Partnership. A Invests 3 Times as Much as B Invests and B Invest Two-Third of What C Invests. At the End of the Year, the Profit Earned is Rs. 6600. What is the Shared of B?

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A, B and C enter into a partnership.

A invests 3 times as much as B

B invests two-third of what C invests

We will assume C’s investment as y then B’s investment becomes 2y/3 and C’s investment would be 2y.

As, profit ratio equals to investment ratio

A : B : C = 2y : 2y/3 : y

Profit earned is 6600 and B’s profit would be;

B’s share in profit = (B’s ratio of investment x total profit) / total ratio

To Find

B’s share in annual profit = ?


Let suppose

Investment of C = y

Then; B’s investment = 2y/3

A’s investment = 2y

Ratio of investment is equal to ratio of profit

A : B : C = 2y : 2y/3 : y

A : B : C = 2 : 2/3 : 1

A : B : C = 6 : 2 : 3     (and 6 + 2 + 3 = 11)

Total annual profit = 6600

B’s share in profit = (2 x 6600)/11

B’s share in profit = Rs. 1200 answer


A, B and C enter into a partnership. A invests 3 times as much as B invests and B invest two-third of what C invests. At the end of the year, the profit earned is Rs. 6600. The share of B will be Rs. 1200.


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